Medicaid Planning

Long-term care is expensive. An unexpected stay in an assisted living facility can deplete your savings quickly. However, careful planning in advance can help you protect your estate for your beneficiaries and ensure your eligibility for the benefits to which you are entitled under the Medicare and Medicaid programs. It is vital that you seek a knowledgeable Medicaid planning attorney that can assist you in qualifying for the program. Waiting until your savings is exhausted to qualify is unnecessary and only hurts your surviving spouse and/or children who would inherit those assets had there been a properly structured plan in place.

At Redding Fitzpatrick LLP, we analyze your assets and develop a strategic plan to assist you in qualification for these governmental benefits. We use various tools in preparation including, but not limited to, pooled special needs trusts, spending down assets and asset retitling. In addition, Redding Fitzpatrick LLP works alongside Metroplex Wealth, a company that specializes in annuities, which can often be an ideal Medicaid planning tool.

We urge you not to wait for the unexpected to happen. Call Redding Fitzpatrick LLP now to schedule your appointment and establish a plan so that you can get the care you need while avoiding depletion of your estate.